The Chicago Bears are one of footballs most storied teams,and the Monsters of the Midway have sent 27 players to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, they have not had a stand out quarterback since Sid Luckman in the 1940s.

The team’s only SuperBowl triumph featured Jim McMahon calling the signals, and while he was a charismatic team leader, he was never one of the league’s elite passers. The Bears tried to add a franchise quarterback in 2009 when they made a trade with the Broncos to bring in Jay Cutler. Read the rest of this entry »

Jay Cutler, Quarterback

Cutler has been a capable NFL quarterback since his early days with the Denver Broncos, but the Bears really need him to turn a corner if they want to be successful in the 2013-14 season. The last two seasons have been Cutler’s lowest in passing yards and touchdown passes since his rookie year, when he only played five games for the Broncos. The Bears offensive line can help out by providing better protection for their talented Read the rest of this entry »

The 2011 version of the Chicago Bears’ offensive line was one of the worst that the National Football League has ever seen trotted out onto the playing field. The team’s inability to protect the quarterback led to Jay Cutler running for his life and cost the Bears a chance at a run in the NFL playoffs.

The 2012 Bears’ offensive line was much improved, but was still not among the NFL leaders in efficiency at the position. The Bears did a much better Read the rest of this entry »

If you have Sunday ticket or you happen to get access to all your specialized sports channels, then no doubt you have heard of a certain Illinois hockey team known as the Blackhawks. Established in 1926, they are a phenomenal team that has continued to turn heads and really startle and amaze onlookers in the world of hockey. Their mascot, portrayed as a Native American by the name of Tommy Hawk has undergone considerable attention as well, although for quite different reasons that we are going to discuss in this post.

At the time of its conception, Tommy Hawk was met with much scrutiny because of what was believed to be an inaccurate and stereotypical portrayal of Native American culture. Everything from the look of the mascot to the name “Tommy Hawk” was deemed offensive. While supporters of the mascot claimed that everything from the headdress in the logo to the name’s connotation to a traditional Native American tool were fair game, there were still those who saw the mascot as nothing more than a shameful homage to the subjugation and mistreatment of the Native American people. Eventually a settlement was reached with regards to Tommy and while the Blackhawks uniforms still bear the vintage logo of the Native American, the buffoonish mascot has since been replaced by an anthropomorphic bird.

The Chicago Blackhawks came into this season with high expectations after winning the Stanley Cup just two seasons ago. The Hawks did make the playoffs as expected, but made a disappointing first-round exit for the second-consecutive season.

That said, Blackhawks should be able to build on this season and improve the team for the 2012-2013. Still blessed with a very strong core group of players, the key to the Hawks improvement may be the emergence Read the rest of this entry »

In the 2011-12 season, the Fighting Illini’s women’s basketball team had a tough time as they finished with a record of 11 wins and 19 losses while going 5 and 11 in the Big Ten alone. While the Illini had some struggles, they did show some signs of improvement throughout the year, and with a strong recruiting class, they should be a much tougher opponent in 2012.

Returning to the Illini next year will be seniors Amber Moore and Alexis Burke, who were key members Read the rest of this entry »

Following a first round loss to the Phoenix Coyotes, the Chicago Blackhawks enter the 2012 offseason with their eyes on the future.

The Blackhawks retain many of the core players that guided them to a Stanley Cup Championship in 2010. Superstars like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Sharp, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Brent Seabrook, and Duncan Keith all remain with the team on long-term contracts and will remain key parts of the organization for years to come.

Furthermore, the Blackhawks have one of the top ranked prospect systems in the National Hockey League. Young players Read the rest of this entry »

When all-star Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose went down in the first game of the Bulls’ 2012 post-season run against the Philadelphia 76ers, the entire Chicago sports world held its breath. They feared for the worst, and that’s what they got. Rose suffered a torn ACL and some minor meniscus tears; it’s not the least common injury, but it’s also a very tough one to fully rehab and repair. Rose, an explosive point guard who likes to penetrate and create opportunities for his teammates, may never be the same on that front.

Long-term Bulls fans probably Read the rest of this entry »

When people talk about the Chicago Bulls the first thing that still comes to mind is Michael Jordan and the Championships he brought to the city. Right now the Chicago Bulls struggle to establish their new identity under new leadership. Derrick Rose is the leader of a Bulls team that is built much different from previous teams that won the NBA Championship. Getting your own identity many times is something that takes time to get.Want more? Click here. The bulls are working to find it, but still are a ways away from finding it.

Yes, Derrick Rose is a legitimate superstar in the NBA, but the players around him are not in the same class he happens to be in. Rose has no Scottie Pippen beside him to help him out. The nucleus of the Bulls are good, but they are still trying to find their identity in the NBA and even in Chicago. Early exits from the NBA playoffs will not help them get an identity either. In the end, Derrick Rose will need to help his team get their own identity and that may not happen, until they win an NBA Championship. Right now, they are in Michael Jordan’s shadow and that is hard to escape from no matter how good you happen to be.


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